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PowerTicker and browser-based systems

Most online financial systems running today are based on large, centralized servers and accessed through standard web browsers and Java-based applications. PowerTicker is a small desktop application that functions as a highly specialized web browser which delivers exactly what your customers need in the most efficient way possible.

If you’ve already invested in an online browser-based solution, PowerTicker provides an alternative interface that is so attractive, unobtrusive, and easy to use, that most customers will keep it running all day long. And not only will it increase the traffic to your website, it may actually descrease the demand on your servers by distributing the more intensive processing tasks to each customer’s desktop.

If you’ve been holding off on developing and expensive online system, even better; because PowerTicker could be the low-cost alternative you’ve been looking for.

Browser-based weaknesses
PowerTicker Strengths

:: Customers must have their browser open to access any and all services.
:: PowerTicker is a small, self-contained desktop application.

:: Customers must go through several steps just to access your service including hunting through their Web browser's bookmarks or typing the URL and logging into the site.
:: Customers start PowerTicker quickly by double-clicking on the prominent desktop icon or by using their computer's Programs menu.
:: Even faster, you can configure PowerTicker to open automatically on start up.
:: PowerTicker logs in automatically.

:: Customers must activate the particular function they desire after logging into the site.
:: PowerTicker automatically and quickly collects all the data the customer has requested.
:: All the processing, both transactional and graphical, is performed on the server, taxing your systems.
:: PowerTicker performs all the necessary portfolio calculations and conversions, and processes the visuals on the customer’s computer rather than at the server.
:: Scalability of the server systems becomes a serious issue for the corporate site as more end-users are served.
:: PowerTicker-enhanced systems require fewer servers because the graphics are stored and generated on the customer’s computer.
:: The onus is on the customer to constantly watch their investments in a large Web-browser window, an indiscreet option for those trading in an office environment.
:: PowerTicker can be re-sized from a full screen display down to any size the customer wants.
:: The customer's browser must be open to view news headlines.
:: PowerTicker presents just headlines in a stock-specific display.
:: To view the whole story, the customer simply clicks on the headline and PowerTicker automatically opens the their browser to the specific story on the corporate site.
:: Stock alerts are all server-based and require added infrastructure to support.
:: PowerTicker alerts are generated on the customer’s computer without the need for any additional corporate resources.

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