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PowerTickerThe stock market on your desktop.

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What can PowerTicker do for me?

Whether you’re looking for a new marketing tool or a way to enhance your existing online systems, PowerTicker offers a host of benefits.
:: Branding. If there’s a place for your logo, we’ll put it there, where your customers will see it all day long.
:: Customer retention. People are more likely to visit your site first when it’s just one click away, and they are less likely to move to another website when all the links from PowerTicker point to yours.
:: A captive audience. PowerTicker lets you push important news and special offers directly to the customer’s desktop.
:: Good will. The retail version of PowerTicker sells for $49.95. PowerTicker Solutions offers attractive pricing and flexible licensing that allows you to give away your customized version for free.
:: Stickiness. A normal visitor might visit your website once and never find it again, but give them a copy of PowerTicker and they’ll keep coming back.
:: Always on. PowerTicker launches when your customers start their computers and ticks all day.
:: Demographics. PowerTicker works with your website so you can use your current traffic logs to determine the success of your PowerTicker campaigns.
:: More traffic. With dynamic headlines and links that point back to your website, PowerTicker keeps your customers coming back.
:: More trades. Integrate PowerTicker with your trading system and let PowerTicker let your customers know when it’s time to trade with dynamic stock displays and configurable alerts.


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