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eMergeCustomerize your e-mail.

As a registered owner of eMerge, you are entitled to free technical support and free upgrades to the current version of the application. We will also inform you of new versions of the application as they are released.

Registering eMerge

If you purchase eMerge from one of our online fulfillment centers, then you are automatically registered with Galleon Software, and you receive your serial number by e-mail.

If you purchase eMerge on disk, then your serial number is printed on the registration card included with your shipment. To register yourself with Galleon Software, fill out this card and send it in.

Unlocking the application

When you first install eMerge, it is configured to run in evaluation mode until you enter a valid serial number. To unlock your copy of eMerge, follow these steps:
1 Disable any virus protection on your Macintosh.
2 Double-click on the eMerge icon to start the application.
3 From the Apple menu, choose Register eMerge.
The Registration dialog appears.
4 Enter your name and a valid serial number.
5 Click Register.
eMerge pauses a moment while it verifies your serial number, and then thanks you for registering.
6 Click Close.
7 Re-enable your virus protection.

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