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This page contains the latest version of “Using eMerge for Mac OS” in Adobe Acrobat portable document format. This is the same manual that we package with the demo and the full version of eMerge. To read it, you need at least version 3.0 of Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader.

If you already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, together with the PDFViewer plug-in, you can read it online.

    Filename: Using eMerge.sea
Version: 1.0
Date: March 10, 1997 Size: 668 KB


Download the following supplement for new material and corrections to version 1.0 of “Using eMerge”, or read it online. This will bring you right up to date for eMerge 1.6.

    Filename: 1.6 Supplement.sea
Version: 1.6 supplement
Date: July 30, 1999 Size: 331 KB


New in 1.6

Note: There is a problem with certain versions of StuffIt Expander that can corrupt Adobe Acrobat PDF files so that they cannot be opened. (Adobe Acrobat Reader asks you for a password for what is an unprotected document.) There are two ways to avoid this problem:
1 Change your Cross Platform preferences in StuffIt Expander to Never Convert Text Files to Macintosh Format.
2 When you download the eMerge archive, choose Save Link As to prevent StuffIt Expander from automatically decompressing your download. (This works differently in different browsers.) Then double-click on the eMerge archive and let the built-in decompressor do its job.