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The Projects

Galleon Software began developing and marketing our own consumer products in 1996. Since then we have developed Macintosh and Windows versions of PowerTicker, a specialized browser that downloads and processes financial information from the web, and eMerge, an e-mail merge application and contact manager.

In addition to our consumer products, the following is a sample of the projects we have worked on under contract to other companies.

SolcorpSolcorp is part of the EDS group of companies and is a leading developer of software for the insurance industry, with a customer base of 85 companies in over 20 countries. Because of this diversity, Solcorp hired Galleon Software to develop an online university to help them standardize their training programmes. Our implementation included a Windows NT backbone, J/RUN with JSP pages, and WebFair system integration.

Apple Canada
AppleIn order to meet their mandate of switching their staff to Apple's new operating system, Apple Canada contracted Galleon Software to develop a new fax client to support the bulk-faxing needs of their sales and marketing departments. The project was developed in Cocoa, Apple's new state-of-the-art programming framework for OS X and was designed to interact with HylaFax servers installed under Linux running on Intel hardware.

ken-a-visionKen-A-Vision is a leading manufacturer of educational microscopes and video imaging devices. For their latest line of video imaging devices, they turned to Galleon Software to revise the USB hardware drivers for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.

Waves in Motion
Waves in MotionWaves in Motion is a leading provider of plug-in modules and solutions for FileMaker database developers. Galleon Software has developed these plug-ins since 1998. All of the following plug-ins were developed to run seamlessly on both Macintosh and Windows systems:
:: Charts renders pie charts, bar charts, scatter plots, and line graphs.
:: Date & Time allows time stamping and list generation.
:: Variables adds dynamic memory-based variables to FileMaker scripts. 
:: FileTools adds standard file operations to FileMaker scripts.
:: Events allows the automatic triggering of scripts on host machines.
:: NetAccess provides access to standard internet services (FTP, HTTP, and DNS).
:: SmartCard adds a FileMaker interface to a smart card reader.

Polaroid Canada
PolaroidDuring the switch-over to a new SAP inventory system, Galleon Software was contracted to provide support for Polaroid’s existing network, including administration and maintenance of their AS/400 Unix system and the System 38 emulator used for the existing inventory system.

Resorts to Go
Resorts to GoGalleon Software was contracted to design and build the online booking system for this Internet start-up. The website’s dynamic pages were generated using Perl and a MySQL database of available resort accommodation.