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Customerize your e-mail.

Everyone comes to your website looking for something different, and if you’re smart, you’ll treat them differently.

Don’t change your customers
They’re asking for fast and personal answers to their questions, information that is relevant and up-to-date. And they certainly don’t want to feel like just another name on your mailing list.

Customerize your e-mail
So, stop sending everyone the same faceless e-mail. Use eMerge to build personal and private messages from the information in your customer database.
Or keep a collection of letters on file for a quick and personal response to everyday questions.

With eMerge, it’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s probably the only way you'll ever stay on top of all that e-mail you’re getting.

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Fig 1: The Typical Customer
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November 7
Galleon Software releases eMerge 1.6.5. Registered customers should download the free upgrade.

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    Your customers are different, e-mail them different