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Galleon Software

Galleon Software is a Canadian developer of Macintosh and Windows applications, specializing in desktop communications software and custom software products for all those little markets the dinosaurs never pay attention to.-------------------------------------
PowerTickerPowerTicker is a specialized Internet browser that lets you view the free stock market information provided online by financial websites around the world. You can watch any number of your stocks roll by on the ticker, or call up a detailed report for each of your favorites. What's more, with PowerTicker SOLUTIONS, organizations can now customize PowerTicker to suit the needs of their customers.

eMerge is a stand-alone e-mail application that lets you create a form letter, customize it automatically for everyone on your mailing list, and send it directly to their Internet mail servers.


October 25, 2003
Galleon Software releases PowerTicker 2.5.4 (Second Edition) for Mac OS and Mac OS X, including new source files for Yahoo.com.

August 10 , 2003
Galleon Software releases PowerTicker 2.5.4 for Mac OS and Mac OS X.

October 25, 2002
Galleon Software releases PowerTicker 2.5.2 for Mac OS and Mac OS X; and version 2.5 for Windows.